FOTO: 18 frizura koje će biti hit ovog ljeta |
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FOTO: 18 frizura koje će biti hit ovog ljeta
" Ukoliko želite da osvježite svoju frizuru, pogledajte neke od predloga"
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Pogledajte koje frizure će biti hit ovog ljeta:

18 Summer Hairstyles We


Create a dramatic 1940s effect with minimal effort:


Take your classic pony to royal status by setting it semi-loosely at mid-height (aim for the center of the back of your head). For instant polish, pull out a wide section of hair—your looser setting makes this a breeze—and wrap around the base of the pony. Secure with bobby pins to hide your hair elastic.


Try a Dutch braid for this chunky inside-out look.


Countless celebs have been sporting down-the-center parts, but the look can be harsh, especially on longer faces. Ease up the style by gently bending the ends of your hair with a boar-bristle brush as you blow-dry to create subtle waves.


An asymmetrical slanted bob is made for those with straight hair—no flat iron or blow dryer required.


Pull wavy hair into a low bun (make a fishtail braid first if your hair is long enough), but leave a few loose strands in the front for a wispy effect. A pretty barrette completes the endearing look.


The seventies are back in style, and that doesn


When the weather


Big curls have always been associated with Hollywood glamour, but forming them into a rounder shape—and embracing full volume—makes it more modern.


For an easy-breezy style, use a one-inch-barrel curling iron to curl loose sections of hair, alternating the direction of curls each time. Don


For a fresh take on this shorter hairstyle, pump the volume up top.


Fine hair is much more manageable when chopped to a shoulder-skimming style, and it makes crafting beachy waves a breeze. Use Sally Hershberger


If center parts don


You worked hard for that shiny hair, so show it off this season. Make a deep side part, then pull hair into a ponytail over the opposite shoulder for a balanced look.


Straight bangs and a bob could make for a hair helmet, but not if you loosen up. Opt for longer bangs, natural waves, and a freer shape to the bob to hit all the right notes.


Highter temps call for fun-in-the-sun texture and the perfect

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